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WESTSIDE STORIES - Recollections and Reflections on Life in West Los Angeles from the 1940s to the 1960s.

LOBBYCRATIC GOVERNANCE - How to Limit the Power Technocrats and Lobbyists Wield Over Our Lives

JUST SAYIN' - Euphemistic Political and Personal Expressions in American English


The Essential Commemoration Management Guide. Practical assistance and fresh ideas on planning, preparing, promoting, and presenting commemorative events


  Ivory’s Cultural Significance. A White Paper reviewing ivory’s contributions to the past and its significance in the future and with ideas on why and how to prevent unreasonable or ineffective restraints on its trade or movement.

The Donation Dialogs. A discussion of what is unfair, wasteful, and debilitating about the way we raise money for charitable and non-profit causes and how everyone can become involved in improving fundraising methods in this country.

The Obamacare Checklist. An easy-to-understand, simple-to-use short presentation of what people need to know and do about the Affordable Care Act.


And Then There Was One...   A riveting look at how the cataclysmic events between 1914 and 1945 found dramatic expression in the experiences of the author's own life and those around him.

Corruption: How to Deal With Its Impact on Business and Society Corrupt behavior is causing problems for our communities, not because laws are weak or because we are insufficiently diligent, but because it is so pervasive. 

Courting Failure: A Path to Success.  Failures ought to be seen as an opportunity for learning and improvement rather than as a matter of shame and embarrassment. Instead of protecting kids from the pain of not succeeding, parents should encourage kids to take risks and treat those risks as a necessary ingredient of progress. This book shows how to cope with and benefit from the consequences of failures.

Leonardo Da Vinci's Musical Gifts and Jewish Connections


Coloring with Leonardo


Exhibit Catalog


"Leonardo's Quotebook"


The Life and Contribution of Leonardo Da Vinci






The Legacy of Leonardo Da Vinci



European Union Almanac: Handbook of the World's Largest Single Marketplace (3rd Edition)  Pioneering reference source providing an easy-to-use, comprehensive handbook for dealing with the background, organization, operations, and officials of the European Union, the world's largest single market place.

The Fascination of Ivory: Its Place In Our World. Presents a new analysis of why ivory has been used for a variety of practical, decorative, and artistic objects and the reasons it stimulated the development of an array of imitation material. Includes a guide for identifying tusk ivory and an evaluation of efforts to protect elephants.

The Golden Age of College Tennis: A USC Coach's Unique Contributions to the Game. A warm, revealing, and touching memoir by USC's legendary tennis coach written in collaboration with a writer who produced what Sports Illustrated judged to be one of the 100 best sports books ever written.

Grandparenting: How to Meet Its Responsibilities  A new way to approach the role of grandparenting that helps the community without detracting from any of the other benefits and pleasures of grandparenting.

Mapping Russia and Its Neighbors: The New Atlas of the Changed Geographical Face of the Former Soviet Union  Combines a full color base map displaying the important topographical features and capital cities of the 15 republics of the former Soviet Union with multiple interchangeable clear vinyl overlay maps conveying important geographic, demographic, and economic information.

  100 Years of Nobel Prizes (4th Edition)  Learn the fascinating details behind the nearly 700 Nobel Prizes awarded since they were inaugurated in 1901.

Promoting International Tourism: To The Year 2000 and Beyond (2nd Edition) Single most of what has been termed the useful text in the field of international tourism marketing.

Shattered Silence: Feelings from Former Soviets Struggling With Freedom at Home   Describes the hopes, hardships, and happenings of individuals in the former Soviet Union, based on the voluminous correspondence and recent visits of the author. .

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